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in the form of cigarette tax avoidance. >> reporter: the alleged masterminds, two palestinian immigrants. they have possible commissions to the blind sheikh serving a life sentence for his role in a 1993 plot to carry out attacks in new york city. >> we know they've been used in the past to support terrorist groups and otherwise in the world. >> reporter: the brothers and 14 other suspects formed a lucrative illegal operation, buying large amounts from a cigarette bhoal saler. an accomplice in the n new york would then drive thousands of miles to delaware and give the brothers cash for the cigarettes. >> cigarette smuggling can produce big profits with well reeltively low risk. >> reporter: the brothers made $55 million in illegal cigarette sales, costing the state of new york $80 million in lost profit. >> we're going make sure there are no businesses in maryland that are associated with these two individuals. >> reporter: but wjz has learned samri ramadan owned 7 businesses in ocean city the millions of dollars are in the custody of new york police, and investigators are following its
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1